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Self-driving cars: the end of traffic fines?

The autonomously driving car will be everywhere in the near future. In the meantime, however, adjustments have to be made in many fields, such as legislation. As we speak, the complete automotive industry is working hard on developing a self-driving car, pouring millions of dollars and euros into the projects. All over the world experiments are conducted. Semi-autonomous taxis are already driving around in Singapore, while autonomous minibuses can be seen driving around Switzerland. Uber has an autonomous [...]

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In shape by education

General Practitioners keep in shape by getting education. After a university study and various in-depth specialisation courses and enrichment courses general practitioners go to work in their own practices. However, this does not mean that their education is a thing of the past. Every year they have to score 250 points in retraining and additional training. This keeps them up to date in their field of activity, and we, their patients, benefit from this. For the technical interconnect [...]

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The future of social media

More than a decade ago we saw the birth of social media, and it already seems as though they have been always been part of our lives. Young people in particular can no longer do without social media. Recent research among students reveals that especially Facebook, Pinterest and Whatsapp take up most time. Social media take up over two hours per day of time. The social media landscape is ever expanding, which explains why there is a trend [...]

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IPC New Release: IPC-7095D, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs)

IPC-7095D describes design and assembly implementation for ball grid array (BGA) and fine-pitch BGA (FBGA) technology, focusing on inspection, repair and reliability issues associated with design and assembly of printed boards using these packages. IPC-7095D, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) IPC-7095D provides useful and practical information to those who use or are considering using BGAs. It also provides describes how to successfully implement robust design and assembly processes for printed board assemblies using [...]

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Do you know how IPC Standards are developed?

The role of IPC and that of experts in the field You might think that some people at the IPC offices create these standards, but actually they are not developed by IPC. If you look into any standard, you will find a list of people who are members of development committees. Some of these people work at OEM or EMS companies, and others have a position with a materials or equipment supplier. You will also find people in [...]

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Worldwide only three IPC training centres

Worldwide only three training centres have been authorised to provide all IPC training courses. PIEK is one of these, and it is the only one in Europe. Obviously, PIEK is very proud of this. It is with good reason that PIEK’s instructors participate in the development of new IPC certifications and cooperate in updating existing IPC courses. The reason that PIEK is one of the three full-service training centres in the world is that PIEK has always made [...]

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Outsourcing IPC courses: a wise choice?

This is what one company says (details known to PIEK): Being a company that regularly orders from assembly companies in the technical interconnect industry, we often discuss outsourcing with our customers. Should we ourselves have all the expertise to educate our own staff? There is no unanimity on this subject, one of the reasons for this being the shortage of technically skilled staff. For us, however, outsourcing courses, which in our case is mostly IPC certifications or re-certifications [...]

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Independent trainers a must

The world is a glass house, and this certainly goes for trainers in the technical interconnect industry. Companies often inadvertently hire IPC trainers who work for the competitor. This means that the competitor can get a behind-the- scenes glimpse of his rival’s processes, procedures and products. If that is the case with you, your competitive position could be at stake. Fortunately, there are a number of educators in the technical interconnect industry who are independent and who have [...]

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Cybercrime: how bad is it going to be?

Let’s not beat about the bush but give an answer straight away: it is only going to be worse. In this article we will address the causes and provide some tips to arm yourself against it. The tips are no guarantee that cybercrime will never affect you, but you now know you have been warned. Cybercrime is simple and lucrative Ransomware is software that is easy to build and that can easily be bought through online platforms. Once [...]

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