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PIEK´s summer deal

This discount could be for you. Don´t forget it. In July and August 2017 PIEK will have a special summer deal for its customers. If you book an IPC certification or re-certification course between 1 June and 30 June for the 1 July – 31 August period, you will get a special 20% summer discount. When you do, please state deal code ‘summer2017’ with your booking. This deal is valid for both regional courses, in-company courses and courses at [...]

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IPC New Release: IPC-9204 Guideline on Flexibility and Stretchability Testing for Printed Electronics

This IPC-9204 guideline describes flexibility and stretchability testing to evaluate printable electronics for stretchable and wearable applications. This guideline describes tests which the IPC D-65 Printed Electronics Test Methods and Validation Subcommittee deemed appropriate for consideration for flexibility and stretchability testing of printable electronics. The descriptions of these tests were provided by members of the D-65 Subcommittee. Number of pages 26. Released March 2017. IPC-9204, Guideline on Flexibility and Stretchability Testing for Printed Electronics This guideline does not [...]

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IPC New Release: IPC-7530A Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering Processes (Reflow and Wave)

This IPC-7530A standard provides useful and practical information for developing thermal profiles to produce acceptable SnPb and Pb-free electronics assemblies. This IPC-7530A revision expands the focus of the original standard from reflow profiling to include profiling for vapor phase, laser, selective soldering and wave soldering. The revision also includes a full-color troubleshooting guide for addressing common defects which can be attributed to profiling. Number of pages 42. Released March 2017. IPC-7530A Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering [...]

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IPC New Release: IPC-4101E, Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

The IPC-4101E standard covers the requirements for base materials that are referred to as laminate or prepreg and listed in the specification sheets that are contained in the last of the main body. These are to be used primarily for rigid and multilayer printed boards for electronic interconnections. This IPC-4101E document contains 65 individual specification sheets that can be searched using keywords. These keywords allow this document's user to find materials of a similar nature, but with specific [...]

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IPC New Release: IPC-4202B, Flexible Base Dielectrics for Use in Flexible Printed Boards

The IPC-4202B document provides comprehensive data to help users more easily determine both material capability and compatibility for flexible base dielectric materials for the manufacture of flexible printed boards. It includes flexible base material specification sheets that have been updated with the newest properties for the specification material types. It establishes the most current classification system, qualification and quality conformance requirements, including high-frequency dielectric properties. A new specification sheet for an adhesive fluorocarbon film has been added as it [...]

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We are listening to our customers

PIEK is always glad to hear customers’ opinions and impressions, and we are delighted when customers praise us. This gives us an extra boost to keep improving our certification and recertification courses and keep adjusting our services to the latest developments. It also confirms that PIEK wants to take customers’ desires and needs into account, so that it can grow long-lasting, loyal customer relations. It has made PIEK the go-to global player in the electronic interconnect industry for over 50 years. We [...]

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The flying car

Everybody dreams of it: you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam and at the push of a button your car changes into a flying object, and you can go on your way. But is it a dream? This dream has already become reality. During the 2015 Pioneers festival in Vienna the Slovak company Aeromobil showed its flying car to the general public. You can already get an impression of what nice things await us: This [...]

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The Electrostatic Boogeyman

The term "electrostatic discharge" (known more commonly as ‘ESD') simultaneously strikes fear and disdain in the hearts of electronics engineers. The thought that some do not use proper precaution in dealing with sensitive electronics —or even worse, do not BELIEVE in the damage potentially caused by ESD— can put a project in danger. So, please, PRACTICE SAFE ELECTRONICS. Here's how! What is ESD? To put it simply, you are a danger to electronics without protection. There is an [...]

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Beginner Hand Soldering; Where to Start?

Tales of introductory soldering are a mix of excitement, fear, and sometimes failure. However, first soldering efforts don’t always need to be daunting or a risk to the success of your project. Although soldering expertise will take many levels of practice (IPC training, IPC certification, experimentation, and surface mount experience), there is no reason why your initial venture into soldering has to adversely affect the success of your project. There is certainly a high variability in difficulty for [...]

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Who’s the best of the best in hand soldering 2017?

IPC Hand Soldering Competition Hall 4, Booth 400 This contest recognizes the best skills in hand soldering complex printed board assemblies. Hand soldering of high density printed boards demands highly skilled operators to ensure a zero-defect soldering process. Who is the best of the best? If you think you have what it takes to be a champion of hand soldering, then bring your skills to the IPC Hand Soldering Competition at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017! The competition will [...]

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