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Healthcare meets technology: a promising synergy

PIEK continues its series of articles on the impact of the electronic interconnect industry on healthcare. This time we talked to Dr Sardari Nia, cardiothoracic surgeon at the Maastricht UMC+, the academic hospital in Maastricht. He was born in Iran, grew up in the Netherlands and studied in Antwerp, Belgium. His fields of activity are invasive valve surgery, mitral valve surgery, robot surgery (MIDCAB) and lung surgery. He seems to be just an ordinary surgeon, but during our [...]

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IPC New Release: IPC-4921A Requirements for Printed Electronics Base Materials (Substrates)

This standard provides and defines key characteristics and test methods for procuring printed electronics substrates. Includes six materials specification sheets. 48 pages. Released May 2017. IPC-4921A, Requirements for Printed Electronics Base Materials (Substrates) 1 SCOPE This standard establishes the classification system, qualification and quality conformance requirements for printed electronics base materials (substrates). The standard defines the base material only and should not be used for substrates that have been postprocessed and comprise defined features or structures (e.g., conductive traces). 1.1 Purpose [...]

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Why do airplanes crash?

162 passengers killed in an airplane crash in Indonesia, 150 fatalities in the Alps, 298 people killed when MH17 was shot from the sky. Every time a big airplane crashes the world panics. But after some days or weeks, nobody talks about it anymore and eventually the disaster is forgotten for most of us. Very rarely the public is informed on the causes of the crashes, but that doesn’t mean that there is no information available. A recent [...]

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Warfare in 2035

It is something we prefer not to think of, war, and yet we see the consequences of war in Syria every single day on TV and other media. Nowadays warfare is no longer about having the biggest army or most weapons, but it is about cyberattacks, guerrilla actions and human bombs. And this is not where the developments stop. This article will be explaining some trends facing the defence industry. Attacks on the human psyche In the 1950s [...]

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Close finish during hand-soldering world championship

During the Nurnberg SMT 34 contestants from 17 companies took part in the hand-soldering world championship. Many came from Germany, but other European countries were also well represented. Within 60 minutes the contestants had to create a well-functioning electronic assembly to IPC-A- 610F guidelines. Doing so could earn them a maximum of 437 points. The assessment was done by IPC A-610 Master Trainers, and PIEK’s Rob Walls was on the jury. Rob Walls said: ‘It was an exciting [...]

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Autonomous driving: autonomous driver?

The car industry is hard at work to develop the autonomously driving car and it has led to a constant stream of news items. The first accidents with the self-driving car have already been reported too. Still, the ride is said to be relaxed. You just get in, put on the safety belt and tell the car where you want to go. The car then does the rest. This begs the question: who is autonomous? It is certainly not the driver. [...]

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PIEK´s summer deal

This discount could be for you. Don´t forget it. In July and August 2017 PIEK will have a special summer deal for its customers. If you book an IPC certification or re-certification course between 1 June and 30 June for the 1 July – 31 August period, you will get a special 20% summer discount. When you do, please state deal code ‘summer2017’ with your booking. This deal is valid for both regional courses, in-company courses and courses at [...]

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IPC New Release: IPC-9204 Guideline on Flexibility and Stretchability Testing for Printed Electronics

This IPC-9204 guideline describes flexibility and stretchability testing to evaluate printable electronics for stretchable and wearable applications. This guideline describes tests which the IPC D-65 Printed Electronics Test Methods and Validation Subcommittee deemed appropriate for consideration for flexibility and stretchability testing of printable electronics. The descriptions of these tests were provided by members of the D-65 Subcommittee. Number of pages 26. Released March 2017. IPC-9204, Guideline on Flexibility and Stretchability Testing for Printed Electronics This guideline does not [...]

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IPC New Release: IPC-7530A Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering Processes (Reflow and Wave)

This IPC-7530A standard provides useful and practical information for developing thermal profiles to produce acceptable SnPb and Pb-free electronics assemblies. This IPC-7530A revision expands the focus of the original standard from reflow profiling to include profiling for vapor phase, laser, selective soldering and wave soldering. The revision also includes a full-color troubleshooting guide for addressing common defects which can be attributed to profiling. Number of pages 42. Released March 2017. IPC-7530A Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering [...]

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IPC New Release: IPC-4101E, Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

The IPC-4101E standard covers the requirements for base materials that are referred to as laminate or prepreg and listed in the specification sheets that are contained in the last of the main body. These are to be used primarily for rigid and multilayer printed boards for electronic interconnections. This IPC-4101E document contains 65 individual specification sheets that can be searched using keywords. These keywords allow this document's user to find materials of a similar nature, but with specific [...]

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