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Digital health care

Health care is becoming more and more digital because of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). This leads to numerous advantages for both patients and health care providers. Even those who do not need direct medical assistance but just preventive health care can benefit. During the Las Vegas CES (Customer Electronics Show) many new innovative products were showcased: contact-free fertility sensors, a headset used for losing weight, allergen detectors, etc., etc. If [...]

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How to remove a solder bridge

In the picture, you see a gull wing component with according to the IPC J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 a solder bridge. A solder bridge is a defect for all the product classes. Most used method to resolve this defect is with a desoldering iron. This is not the correct way to do it because of the risks of damaging the component or PCB itself. There are more methods to solve this problem. See IPC-7711/7721 rework & repair and modification [...]

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Choosing for PIEK is choosing for a top-quality partner

Why is it that you have chosen for PIEK? This is what we always ask our new customers. It is also what we asked a member of the Management Board of a leading medical company. ‘Quality is a top priority in our sector. We supply equipment for operation theatres, and we cannot afford even once delivering a product that does not meet the agreed quality criteria 100%. Human lives depend on our equipment. That is why we only [...]

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Training Calendar 2019

PIEK is going to make things easier for you. PIEK is continually extending its services because the demand for high-quality courses keeps on growing. On top of this, the standards in the electronic interconnect industry are adjusted to new insights and methodologies very frequently. Any adjustment of a standard is immediately translated into an adjusted training course. However, the adjustments do not only relate to contents. Because PIEK is the only IPC educational institute in Europe that is [...]

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Guest post: How to Choose and Maintain Your Own Hand Soldering Iron

Last year, Piek showed the basics of hand soldering, and today we're taking things to a more fundamental level. We'll be talking about the right tools you’re going to need and how to choose them, as well as the proper care and maintenance. Choosing a soldering iron Before purchasing your first soldering iron, you need to consider the type of iron, temperature, and wattage. The type of iron and temperature you’ll need are dictated by your project. The soldering pencil [...]

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Fake news

Every day we hear about fake news in the papers, on radio and on television. On social media we get bombarded with fake news, and we also read posts about it there. How can ordinary consumers like us tell the difference between real news and fake news? We have to, because fake news is a high-impact business. Just consider the American elections, in which fake news played a prominent role. Fake news, also known as alternative facts, has [...]

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The PIEK quality circle

The electronic interconnect industry is continually innovating, and innovations obviously have a big impact on product quality. Newly created products make the lives of consumers safer, better and more pleasant, regardless of whether they are health-care products, in which technology, ICT, and knowledge are combined, or mobility products, in which technology, ICT and artificial intelligence come together. In order to function properly and fulfill the expectations of consumers as well as the industry, it is most important that [...]

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IPC New Release: IPC-WP-024, IPC White Paper on Reliability and Washability of Smart Textile Structures – Readiness for the Market

IPC-WP-024 is a white paper which discusses the issues associated with reliability of smart textiles (e-textiles structures) following multiple washing cycles and emphasizes efforts that industry and research laboratories must undertake to make e-textile structures more robust and able to be washed similarly to everyday textile products (e.g., underwear, clothing, home textiles and technical textiles). IPC-WP-024, IPC White Paper on Reliability and Washability of Smart Textile Structures – Readiness for the Market The researchers provide initial reliability results [...]

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Self-driving cars: the end of traffic fines?

The autonomously driving car will be everywhere in the near future. In the meantime, however, adjustments have to be made in many fields, such as legislation. As we speak, the complete automotive industry is working hard on developing a self-driving car, pouring millions of dollars and euros into the projects. All over the world experiments are conducted. Semi-autonomous taxis are already driving around in Singapore, while autonomous minibuses can be seen driving around Switzerland. Uber has an autonomous [...]

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