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IPC-6012 Qualification and Performance Specifications for Rigid Printed Boards

If we talk about purchasing rigid bare board (or PCB) manufacturing the IPC-6012 is the most used document. This is one of a series of documents, also called the Qualification and Performance Specifications for Printed Boards. At the basis of this series is the IPC-6011 standard, in here we find definitions for the product classes, and general requirements for instance on documentation, qualification assessment, quality assurance etcetera. The IPC-6012 is the document that contains the Qualification and Performance [...]

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PIEK, a family firm with over 50 years of experience

PIEK was founded in 1965 by the parents of the current two Managing Directors, Ben and Rob Walls. The parents spotted a high demand for education in the field of electronics, as e.g. applied in radios. It did not take long before the range of courses and venues was extended. In the 70s PIEK was present in many towns and cities in the Dutch provinces Limburg and Noord Brabant, providing evening courses. When microelectronics was making itself felt [...]

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IPC-A-600J, Acceptability of Printed Boards

IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Boards, is the best-known standard for the inspection of bare boards, often called PCBs, throughout the electronics industry. It has been the base document in inspection departments at bare board manufacturers for decades. And it has been referred to in the majority of contract documents for the procurement of bare boards worldwide. The current J Revision was published in May 2016 and again showed a vast amount of improvements and clarifications with respect to [...]

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e.GO: an affordable electric car for everybody

Electric mobility, a catchphrase that you see every day. Aachen, Germany is home to the production halls of the e.GO, the affordable electric car for everybody. Production takes place in an ultra-modern hall in Aachen. One thing you do not see there are welding robots, as e.GO has turned the production process into a magnificent form of digital art. Far-reaching digitisation is at the heart of a tightly controlled production process, in which all the possibilities of 5G [...]

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2019 Trends, the sequel

We already stated in an earlier newsletter that we were going to look into a number of trends for the year 2019. In this article we will look into digital ethics, fake content and blockchain. Digital ethics In the week of 20 March the headlines in the Dutch media were about The Netherlands losing ground in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) if the government did not act up fast. However, is a wait-and-see approach so bad when [...]

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The power of repetition

The matter of IPC certifications´ term of validity regularly leads top questions and uncertainty among those interested. How long are they valid? What if re-certification has not taken place in time? Why is re-certification necessary? Currently IPC certifications are a bare necessity in the electronic interconnect industry. Standards that are universally adopted, recognised across the world and adhered to by professionals have become a mainstay. Many customers expect the products they order to comply with these standards. Since [...]

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Cybercrime is getting bigger and more dangerous

Increasing digitisation, in all sectors, causes our society to be faced with cybercrime more and more often. The damage done by cybercrime will probably exceed $5.5 billion next year. It is not only criminals interested in your money, but there are also countries that explore ways to take advantage of cyberspace. The situation could be considered a cyber war. However, since there are no clear definitions yet of what is and what is not an act of war [...]

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2019 Trends, a first exploration

As in any previous year, PIEK looks into the future and analyses which trends will affect the technical interconnect industry. The speed at which technological developments occur also shows that the number of trends will continue to grow. This is why we will devote various articles to the 2019 trends in the next few months. One topic will be the smart workplace, and others will be edge computing, digital ethics, quantum computing, etc. These are just a few [...]

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Eliane Chesnais wins hand-soldering contest at SMT

Eliane Chesnais was the winner of the hand-soldering contest at the Nuremberg SMT. It was the second time that she outdid the competition and grabbed the title. In all, there were 32 contestants from 24 different countries. Under the watchful eye of jury member Stefan Walls the contestants showed how they could create a correctly functioning electronic assembly on the basis of the IPC-A-610G guidelines. The maximum time set to do this was 60 minutes. After the contest, [...]

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3D printing in health care: giving an arm and a leg to the underprivileged

All over the world, there are about 30 million people who have to go without various limbs as a result of a war, violence, accidents, etc. Only a small number of those people is fortunate enough to get a prosthetic limb, namely 6 million people. 3D printing could make a great difference here, as it would also allow the underprivileged to get a prosthetic limb. Current prices of prostheses are still rather high, some even costing as much [...]

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