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Concentration of industries in Europe

Various researchers have looked into the reasons why there is a concentration of industries in certain geographical areas and not in others. Their research nearly always indicates that there is a connection between the clustering of industries and the characteristics of geographical areas. There are three factors at play, namely the presence of goods, people and ideas. The extent to which the three factors are present somewhere determines whether clustering takes place there or not. These three factors [...]

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Smart trees make street lighting redundant

Imagine a world in which street lighting is superfluous. No extra energy would be needed to power street lamps, because trees and shrubs already light the streets. It could be a horror scenario for energy suppliers and for producers of street lamps and lighting equipment, since it would endanger their business model. For the European Union and its 20-20-20 objectives, however, the idea would be a dream come true. At the moment research is being done into bioluminescence [...]

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4D printing is hot, 3D printing is not

Many people will not know this, but 3D printing has been around for 30 years. The technology is used with various every-day products, such as toys, household gadgets and technical tools. 3D printing technology is also used in the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace, the medical world and the building sector. Particularly in the medical world 3D printing technology has proved to be a quantum leap forward. This technology allows for instance burn victims to be treated better, [...]

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Sensors, the new human eyes

Sensor technology is making rapid progress, opening up many options for innovations. The autonomously driving car is one of these, and in the maritime world sensor technology has also become a key technology. The technology used there for years is now trickling through in the automotive industry. A good example is the new LIDAR systems (Light Detection And Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging). This technology can be compared with radar technology that has been used for [...]

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One-stop shopping

It is becoming much more common in the retail business, having just the one place to which you can turn for all your shopping. Marketeers call this phenomenon one-stop shopping. In the technical interconnect industry there is also one organisation to which this concept applies. It is PIEK. The family-run business PIEK is a household name in the technical interconnect industry. And this has its reasons. PIEK stands for one-stop shopping. It is the only provider in Europe [...]

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Industry 4.0, the road to success

Last year we informed you in an article about the rise of and the milestones in industry 4.0. In this article we would like to proceed with the impact that industry 4.0 will have on industry, especially the technical interconnect industry. What we are seeing today is four trends that will further impact the industrial world in the course of 2017 and 2018. The first trend concerns the infrastructure in an industrial setting. This will move away from [...]

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Big Brother is watching you drive

Drinking alcohol and driving do not mix. It is an age-old truth that we are also reminded of in government campaigns. Alcohol is at the root of nearly 11% of fatal car accidents across the world. These days, however, something else is ousting alcohol from its first place. You have guessed it. It is our mobile phone. In the USA alone smartphone use behind the wheel cost over 4000 human lives in 2015. Multi-tasking is not something that [...]

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Agriculture and horticulture are high tech

High-tech companies such as Sharp, Panasonic, Fujitsu, and Toshiba are rapidly expanding into agricultural and horticultural products, using their technical expertise. Japanese agriculture and horticulture has been facing extremely keen competition from abroad for years. This is why the Japanese government has developed incentives enabling tech firms to invest in agriculture and horticulture. It has worked wonders. The use of technology has made agricultural and horticultural production much more efficient and profitable. Abandoned factory buildings have been transformed [...]

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Learning and exploring

There are many educational institutes in the market of the electronic inter-connect industry. When compared with PIEK, some are less expensive, have more branches or have a more limited course offer. Are the costs of certification or re-certification actually justified? Have the employees been trained in relevant aspects that they can apply in practice afterwards? Do certification and re-certification have a positive impact on the company’s ROI? All these questions lead to the main question: how can I [...]

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Customisation is the standard at PIEK

Companies in the electronic interconnect industry are continually subject to changes, innovations and trends. The one thing that they have in common is the set of worldwide guidelines for the electronic inter-connect industry, the so-called IPC certifications. These certifications and re-certifications are the standards for the electronic inter-connect industry, ensuring that the IPC regulations and guidelines are taught worldwide and that employees apply the agreed standards. Regularly the wishes and requirements of the individual customer may deviate from [...]

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