Choosing for PIEK is choosing for a top-quality partner

Why is it that you have chosen for PIEK? This is what we always ask our new customers. It is also what we asked a member of the Management Board of a leading medical company.

‘Quality is a top priority in our sector. We supply equipment for operation theatres, and we cannot afford even once delivering a product that does not meet the agreed quality criteria 100%. Human lives depend on our equipment. That is why we only cooperate with dependable partners that know our business and are as committed to top quality as we are. This is how we ended up with PIEK.’

‘Besides, PIEK has a first-rate reputation in the electronic interconnect industry, not only because its instructors are independent, as they work only for PIEK, but also because they have an incredible amount of experience gained worldwide. They know the issues in the various sectors inside out and can give many examples to explain situations and scenarios. This allows our employees to learn much more than you can find in the IPC guidelines.´

´What is also important for our company is that we can always turn to PIEK with any burning question. PIEK´s consultants are always at our service straight away, giving us useful and relevant advice. You simply feel the expertise shining through everything they say. For us PIEK is a high-quality partner that we treasure.´

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