Electric mobility, a catchphrase that you see every day. Aachen, Germany is home to the production halls of the e.GO, the affordable electric car for everybody.

Production takes place in an ultra-modern hall in Aachen. One thing you do not see there are welding robots, as e.GO has turned the production process into a magnificent form of digital art. Far-reaching digitisation is at the heart of a tightly controlled production process, in which all the possibilities of 5G technology are used. The actual assembly work is done by humans rather than robots, as this much more efficient and cheaper than what you see in the intricate production lines of traditional car makers.

Ben Walls, PIEK’s Managing Director, was present during a tour of the production facilities and was quite impressed with what he saw. ‘Here at e.GO you see the possibilities that the electronic interconnect industry offers actually at work. It is unbelievable how digitisation is implemented here. This is industry 4.0. Apart from this, the opportunities opening up by using 5G are also phenomenal. The traditional car industry can learn a lot from these practices, especially in R&D and in saving costs. PIEK sees tremendous potential in the knowhow already present in e.GO and would love to play a role.’

To give you a few impressions of the e.Go, this article has been illustrated with a number of pictures taken in the production facilities. What is interesting about the car is that 3500 had already been sold before the first one was actually produced. And at a selling price of €12,000 in Germany it is the cheapest electric four-seater car by far that is available in today’s market. It is ideal for commutes and city traffic, and with its 100-150-kilometre range the e.GO is a serious alternative for many small car with a combustion engine.

If this has whetted your appetite, this website may be worth checking out: https://www.e-go-mobile.com