Eliane Chesnais wins hand-soldering contest at SMT

Eliane Chesnais was the winner of the hand-soldering contest at the Nuremberg SMT. It was the second time that she outdid the competition and grabbed the title. In all, there were 32 contestants from 24 different countries.

Under the watchful eye of jury member Stefan Walls the contestants showed how they could create a correctly functioning electronic assembly on the basis of the IPC-A-610G guidelines.
The maximum time set to do this was 60 minutes.

After the contest, Stefan Walls told us how exciting it had been. All contestants were highly motivated and driven to do their utmost. The differences between the candidates were only minor but still, Eliane Chesnais was clearly the best performer so a deserved winner. She could take home €300 in prize money now, and she is allowed to participate in the world championship in Munich in November. Marina Bouvet took second place, earning €200 for
herself and Ekaterrina Stahlmann came third, earning €100.

IPC was more than satisfied with the number of contestants and their enthusiasm as well as with the cooperation with PIEK in the contest.

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