Employees used to be proud and loyal, but how about now?

Things used to be different back in the day. This is certainly true for one particular development: the time that employees stay with one and the same company. Employees used to start working for a company at a very early age and they would go up the ladder over the years, building the company as they went along. Pride in their work and loyalty until retirement to what they built themselves was very common. Binding employees to a company was not an issue.

However, times have changed. Competition is growing all the time, staff is more mobile and production facilities can be moved to other, cheaper countries. These days it is the promotional and educational opportunities that determine whether an employee stays or goes. Or it can influence the choice for or against a specific company. Companies know by now how important fringe benefits such as educational opportunities are. Many companies have already opted for individual educational budgets per employee.

What is a proud and loyal employee nowadays? How can a company retain him or her?

A good working climate and an appropriate salary are two well-known factors that bind the employee to an employer. The salary is not the most important, according to research, at least not the decisive factor for a happy employee. More essential is the recognition of competences and the appreciation of an employee’s contributions. Expressing this in a phrase like ‘well done!’ or with a one-time bonus is not the preferred method, but offering courses and thereby opening up new possibilities is a much better reward.

An organisation only invests in those employees that it finds valuable. An organisation is happy to invest in high potentials, because it is sure to benefit from the outcome. Employees, on the other hand, also like to keep learning and exploring in their field of expertise. Investing in courses is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Qualified and competent employees contribute to the quality of the company and its products and/or services. This allows the company to stay ahead of the competition. For an employee educational possibilities are part of a healthy corporate climate. Well-trained employees are proud of their work and their company, and they are also proud of the fact that their competences are appreciated. They radiate this within the company but also to customers, which is what makes them so valuable to a company.

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