Happy Holidays 2018

Customer satisfaction: 9.5
Number of new customers: 59
Number of audits: 13
Number of IPC certifications: 1833
Number of PIEK certifications: 656

This is what 2018 looks like in figures for PIEK. Figures are necessary for the daily course of affairs, but there are things that are much more important than figures: employees who are committed to their job and who have the intrinsic motivation to inspire customers during courses every day. And customers who remain loyal for years and choose for PIEK as the preferred educational partner time after time.

We are very proud of and grateful for the past year, and the excellent 9.5 customer satisfaction score gives all of us a boost. We are therefore excited about assisting you with courses again in 2019.

We wish you, your families and your colleagues happy holidays and a healthy, happy and successful 2019.

Your PIEK Team

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