Happy PIEK Day

Dear customer,


For almost 55 years PIEK has been the go-to partner for the electronic interconnect industry all over the world. This does not only concern all IPC certifications. PIEK also has its own PIEK courses, given on-site at your company, allowing for a more in-depth and tailored approach than is possible with an IPC course. And even that is not all: PIEK also gives second opinions and does audits.

It is clear: PIEK offers one-stop shopping. This is not just easy, but it is also the best possible: last year’s customer satisfaction score was no less than 9.8 (on a 1-10 scale).

To celebrate its 55 th anniversary in 2020 PIEK now introduces the HAPPY PIEK DAY.

Everybody who books an IPC course or a PIEK course in the period of 15. April to 15 May for the period of 1 July – 31 August can make use of the HAPPY PIEK DAY DEAL.

What does this deal entail?

  • Independent trainers with priceless international experience.
  • PIEK’s full service, including after-care services.
  • An honest and fair price, including the HAPPY PIEK DAY DEAL discount.
  • Course that can be in-company or at a set location in the country.

On our website you can see the entire range of courses: https://piek.international/training-courses/.

If you want to make use of the HAPPY PIEK DAY DEAL, please contact Ms Wendy Wings of our customer care department. You can reach her on telephone number + 31 45 570 33 33 and at email address sales@piek.email. Please state the following code: HPDD.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Walls
Managing Director
PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) B.V.

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