In shape by education

General Practitioners keep in shape by getting education. After a university study and various in-depth specialisation courses and enrichment courses general practitioners go to work in their own practices. However, this does not mean that their education is a thing of the past. Every year they have to score 250 points in retraining and additional training. This keeps them up to date in their field of activity, and we, their patients, benefit from this.

For the technical interconnect industry there is also a ‘keep in shape’ programme, namely the IPC certifications and re-certifications. The IPC certifications are there for a good reason.
Together with representatives of the technical interconnect industry IPC has created a set of standards and guidelines for the various sectors in the industry.

Just like general practitioners employees in the industry have to keep up to date, which means renewing their certification every two years. This is important to ensure that they are abreast of the latest developments, because the technical interconnect industry is in constant flux.

The point is not only just to keep up. Educating staff also contributes to staff well-being and to loyalty to the organisation. The knife cuts both ways. The organisation has another advantage on top of this. By showing that all staff is IPC certified it has a competitive edge over others. Suppliers know which conditions are to be adhered to, and customers know which high standards have been met. Certifying staff has a great return on investment.

Getting your certifications and re-certifications from a reputable institute with experienced instructors is very important. This is why more and more companies choose PIEK. PIEK is not the best-price option in education, but it does offer over 50 years of international experience, the possibility to do all IPC courses and a customer satisfaction rating that makes its competitors jealous. Top quality, tailor-made courses and meeting customer needs is synonymous to the PIEK brand name. This is also the reason why PIEK offers its courses in regional centres and even in on-site versions. In many European cities PIEK has selected venues at which certification and re-certification courses are provided. On the PIEK website you can find the current course offer and locations.

Keeping in shape by education. Are your employees in shape? Can they win the competition battle?

PIEK is there to support you. If you are interested, please contact Ms Wendy Wings of our customer care department. She is available on telephone number +31 45 570 33 33. You can also find further information on

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