Industry 4.0 has been successful from the start, and further developments in the field of wireless communication have led to new markets, products and services.

The speed of the transformation of the manufacturing industry because of industry 4.0 is many times higher that of the three previous industrial revolutions. Increasing digitisation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning produce such an incredible speed.

Cooperation between developer, producer and user is becoming faster and more intense. Feedback can be given and processed in an instance, which means quite something for companies. Not only do production and assembly have to take the possibilities on Industry 4.0 into account, all processes and the whole management in the whole chain have to be adapted.

To make Industry 4.0 really successful, good cooperation and fine-tuning of processes between markets, politics, science and research will have to be created. Particularly optimisation in the field of digital information supply, which is crucial in Industry 4.0, requires close attention.

It is broadband internet, fibre optics cable and 5G that have to make sure that Industry 4.0 can make strides. Politics has to take the lead here and make funds and infrastructure available in order to maintain and even boost the competitive position of its own industry. In the economic interest of the country policymakers have to agree on a clear, joint strategy, irrespective of party politics.

The increasing degree of digitisation within industry 4.0 will lead to companies having to take measures in the fields of IT security, process development, process knowledge and process certainty. This also requires a different mindset for management. A much more integrated way of thinking will increasingly determine the strategy of a company. Cooperation across departments or business units and even across the supply chain, irrespective of geographical location, will determine the individual success of a company in Industry 4.0.

PIEK recognizes these developments and already cooperates intensively with leading companies and organisations in the electronic interconnect industry. PIEK’s consultants are called in regularly when chain integration in the manufacturing and assembly industry is at issue.

PIEK will keep you posted on the developments in the field of Industry 4.0.