IPC to adjust conditions and prices for CITs as from 22 April 2019

As from 22 April training materials can no longer be ordered with PIEK or IPC but are to be downloaded via the IPC EDGE 2.0 platform.

Member organisations of IPC are eligible for discounts, whereas organisations that are no members cannot get such discounts.

Employees who are to be certified as CIT or MIT can get access to the IPC EDGE 2.0 platform within 24 hours to download their training materials. The platform dashboard shows users which IPC certifications they are authorised for and which training materials they can therefore download.

By only offering all training materials as digital, downloadable files, IPC can always ensure that only the most recent version of certifications are available. Apart from this, MITs and CITs are notified when a new version has been put online.

The training materials have been translated into various languages. There is no surcharge on any translated versions.

The above takes effect on 22 April 2019. PIEK is not responsible for any extra costs caused by this adjustment made by IPC. Please note that the training materials that are downloadable are exclusive the standard for a certain IPC certification and have to be purchased separately.

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