IPC New Release: IPC-4591A Requirements for Printed Electronics Functional Conductive Materials

IPC-4591A establishes the classification system and the qualification and quality conformance requirements for functional conductive materials used in printed electronics applications.
h2>IPC-4591A Requirements for Printed Electronics Functional Conductive Materials1.1 Purpose The purpose of this standard is to assist printed circuit board assemblers in development of requirements for the protection of intellectual property (IP) for their customers in commercial, industrial and military and other high-reliability markets. This standard focuses on protection of the inherent IP designed into the printed board (PB) such that IP flows from the customer to the PB assemblers and that IP that is incorporated into the PB is protected. Patents and other such ‘‘forever protection’’ of the manufactured product is beyond the scope of this document. This standard is not intended to be a legal guide. Please consult an attorney for questions of a legal nature.
1.2 Levels of IP Protection This standard recognizes that electrical and electronic products are subject to classification by intended end-item use. Additionally, different manufacturers and or customers may desire different levels of IP protection. Three levels of IP protection have been established to reflect the differences in IP protection (see 1.3.1 through 1.3.3).
1.2.1 Definition of Requirements The words ‘‘shall’’ and ‘‘shall not’’ are used in the text of this document wherever there is a requirement for IP protection.

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