Learning and exploring

There are many educational institutes in the market of the electronic inter-connect industry. When compared with PIEK, some are less expensive, have more branches or have a more limited course offer.

Are the costs of certification or re-certification actually justified? Have the employees been trained in relevant aspects that they can apply in practice afterwards? Do certification and re-certification have a positive impact on the company’s ROI? All these questions lead to the main question: how can I distinguish the good from the poor and how do I know what is a good educational institute? This is a question that regularly crops up among HR managers, and it is a major reason why companies are hesitant about having their employees take training courses.

PIEK is a family-run business that has been around for more than 50 years. This in itself is an achievement. PIEK is the only educational institute that has been authorised by IPC to give all IPC certification and re-certification courses. The main condition for this authorisation is that all PIEK’s instructors are Master IPC trainers.

At PIEK your employees learn things naturally in a hands-on way. Theory and practice are blended in your own company’s business context. Courses are very much interactive, and the most recent educational materials are used. A wide diversity of tools and equipment is available to practise what is taught. All current suppliers of high-end machines and tools are represented in PIEK’s educational equipment and materials, and we always work with the latest versions. The international experience of our instructors guarantees a successful certification and re-certification course. This success is not only proved by the numerous successfully concluded courses in the past, but also by the quality control questionnaire executed by CEDEO every two years. CEDEO is an independent agency that is commissioned by PIEK to do this customer satisfaction research. Without exception, PIEK scores very high every single year.

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