One-stop shopping

It is becoming much more common in the retail business, having just the one place to which you can turn for all your shopping. Marketeers call this phenomenon one-stop shopping. In the technical interconnect industry there is also one organisation to which this concept applies. It is PIEK.

The family-run business PIEK is a household name in the technical interconnect industry. And this has its reasons. PIEK stands for one-stop shopping. It is the only provider in Europe that is authorised to offer all IPC certifications and re-certifications. From PCB design to cable loom assembly, and everything that has anything to do with it. On top of this, companies can turn to PIEK for an audit, allowing them to hire the go-to expert for the technical interconnect industry to make sure their processes are in conformity with IPC guidelines and standards.

PIEK, however, goes one step beyond. It has also developed its own PIEK courses for those employees who do not have to be IPC certified but do have to work to guidelines and standards. These courses can be geared to any level, to suit assembly staff as well as employees who want to get a better understanding of IPC regulations.

Finally, companies active in the technical interconnect industry can also make use of PIEK’s validation services. These services are at both material and process levels, also known as QPL (Qualified Process List), on product level and QML (Qualified Manufacturers List), on supplier level. By getting this type of certification companies can get a competitive advantage.

It is therefore with good reason that PIEK is called the one-stop knowledge provider for the electronics industry.

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