When we see the number of new devices and applications entering the market, it is clear that the electronic interconnect industry is booming. It goes without saying that this implies the use of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of things.

Turnover in the electronic interconnect industry is growing steadily. Second quarter turnover in 2018 exceeded that of 2017 by 2.1 %. In 2018 it is expected that the turnover for the full year will be 13% higher than in 2017.

The industries generating the biggest turnover are automotive, communication and industry 4.0. This growth is caused by the fact that more and more applications are developed for these industries.

It seems that all the signs are green, but there may be a downside. A disadvantage of this growth is that it could lead to stagnation in the supply of certain required materials, such as copper and laminating foil.

Obviously, also the number of employees in the printed circuit board industry is rising steeply. In the second quarter of 2018, the number of employees grew by 2.5% compared with 2017. This fact makes it difficult for printed circuit board companies to find enough qualified employees and retain their present employees.

Companies that invest in educating their employees have a lower percentage of staff turnover than companies that do not make such investments. Recent scientific research has pointed out that not only salary but also development and educational opportunities are major motivators for employees to stay or to transfer to another company.

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