Smart trees make street lighting redundant

Imagine a world in which street lighting is superfluous. No extra energy would be needed to power street lamps, because trees and shrubs already light the streets. It could be a horror scenario for energy suppliers and for producers of street lamps and lighting equipment, since it would endanger their business model. For the European Union and its 20-20-20 objectives, however, the idea would be a dream come true.

At the moment research is being done into bioluminescence of jellyfish and insects. A Paris-based start-up called Glowee has already made great progress in harnessing animal bioluminescence for city lighting systems used in e.g. billboards and façade illumination. This progress will soon be visible when you stroll down the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde wants to go even beyond this. With genetic manipulation he wants to create plants that give off as much light as some insects and sea creatures. CRISPR, gen manipulation software, helps him to create such plants. Eventually trees could glow like fireflies, thereby providing enough light in the streets. Do you want to see what this looks like? Have a look at this:

These developments come with challenges for the technical interconnect industry Business models will be viewed differently and will have to be reassessed completely. Manufactured products will have to compete with phenomena that are freely available in nature. These are exciting times indeed for all working in the technical interconnect industry.

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