IPC-6012 Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards Training and Certification Program

For information regarding the actual processes and materials used at the production stages and for in-depth information on the applicable tests to be performed for quality assurance, the IPC-6012 is the document of choice if rigid printed circuit boards are involved. These can be single-sided boards, multi-layers, HDI boards, boards with integrated passive components and metal core boards.
It is the document of choice for process engineers and purchasers at printed circuit manufacturers, but designers, as well as assembly process engineers at the EMS or OEM, might benefit greatly from it.

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IPC-6012 goes into issues like the frequency of microsections to be performed based on lot size and performance class. The IPC-6012 also addresses the minimum thicknesses of final finishes and copper plating in the through-holes and via’s. In general, one might say that the dimensions and tolerances commonly used in circuit board manufacturing are implemented in numerous tables.

Three different types of training are offered:
Depending on the specific task, role, and demands of the individual participant three certification models are offered:

  • IPC-6012 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)

    This training focuses on the necessary knowledge for purchasers, inspectors, operators, process engineers, test engineers, buyers, quality assurance staff and any other individual involved in the procurement, production, testing, and inspection of rigid bare boards.

  • IPC-6012 Certified IPC Trainer (CIT)

    Individuals who will have to deliver Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) training will benefit from the extra information handed to them in this training. To perform CIS training it is a prerequisite to be certified as CIT. Good candidates for CIT training are trainers, but quite often also supervisors at the engineering, manufacturing or quality assurance departments.

  • IPC-6012 Certified Standards Expert (CSE)

    The IPC Certified Standards Expert (CSE) is a professional specialist with in-depth knowledge of a specific IPC standard. The role of the IPC Certified Standards Expert (CSE) can vary per organisation. More information on this programme and the differences with the Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) programme can be found on the IPC website: https://www.ipc.org/ContentPage.aspx?pageid=Certified-Standards-Expert-CSE.

Training Modules
Contrary to other IPC certification training courses, in this case, both for CIT and CIS training the entire document is trained, thus there is no modular setup.

Topics dealt with:
Material requirements, Visual inspection requirements, Solder mask requirements, Electrical requirements, and electrical tests to be performed, Cleanliness requirements and the applicable tests. Also, a variety of special requirements that might be specified by contract by the customer are listed and described. Also, definitions and requirements with regard to rework and repair are to be found. One chapter concentrates on Quality Assurance Provisions.

CIT Program benefits
To prepare CIT candidates for their future role as trainers, the CIT program includes:

  • Tips on using the standard
  • Administrative tasks for IPC certification
  • Tips on how to use the lesson plan and training materials
  • Necessary trainer skills

Companies that cater to space or defense applications might have an interest in the IPC-6012 Space Addendum that is available as an optional document and training module.

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Training Calendar

Upcoming Regional IPC-6012 Courses

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