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The designer is at the beginning of the electronics production process but he has to be aware of the end product, its operating environment and all other operating parameters.
He is responsible for the correct operation of the end product in its operating environment.
A well functioning and reliable product goes far beyond the basic design. With the schematic as a basis a designer translates this into the necessary documentation for the manufacturing of the printed circuit board or PCB and the electronic assembly or PCBA. If wire harnesses are involved in the final product these will be designed as well. Nowadays designers use several dedicated design software (CAD) systems to generate these documents.

IPC publishes a series of design related industry standards, the IPC-2220 series. Most commonly used of this series are the IPC-2221 and IPC 2222. IPC-2221 is the generic design standard and the basis of all documents in this series. IPC-2222 is the standard with specific criteria for rigid boards. Both documents address issues also found in other IPC industry standards, like IPC-A-600, IPC-6010 series, IPC-A-610 etcetera.

The related training programs based on these design standards are the Certified Interconnect Design (CID) Program and the Advanced Certified Interconnect Design (CID+) Program. PIEK can train and certify people for both programs. The goal of these programs is not to teach designers how to use the dedicated CAD software packages. Training on this is commonly available from the suppliers of these CAD software packages.

The CID and CID+ certification programs focus on introducing the participants on the criteria found in the IPC-2221 and 2222. Prerequisite for the CID+ Training is a CID certificate, the CID+ builts up on the Knowledge gained in the CID Training.
One of the goals of these training programs is to improve communication between the designer, bare board supplier and assembler. Furthermore it deals with the necessary documents to generate for bare board manufacturing and assembly.

As such the Intention of this training is not to teach designers how to design electronic products., but rather to design in such a way that the designs are in line with the requirements from various IPC Standards, keeping in mind important issues like DFM (Design For Manufacturing), DFA (Design For Assembly), DFT (Design For Test), DFR (Design For Repairability) etcetera.
An important goal of these training programs is to improve the design skills, make you a better designer, one that is aware of possibilities, impossibilities and other issues of the PCB manufacturing and assembly processes.

The training courses we offer are meant for everybody involved in the designing of PCB’s and for employees that need to have knowledge of the IPC Design Standards. Register yourself for one of our training programs in IPC design! If you have questions you then do not hesitate to contact us.

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