IPC J-STD-001 Space and Military Applications

Space electronics hardware will be exposed to rigorous thermal cycles and intense vibration during acceptance and/or qualification testing, as well as during launch and mission life. In some cases, this requires criteria that are different than what is provided in the base document.

Support quality assurance initiatives for space applications with certification on this Essential Extra Space Module

This additional module provides requirements to be used in addition to, and in some cases, in place of, those published in IPC J-STD-001. The goal is to provide users with the necessary knowledge and understanding of specific criteria for soldered connections in electrical and electronic assemblies for space applications in relation to the thermal cyclic environments and vibration experienced during traveling and operation in space.

This IPC J-STD-001 Space addendum has been developed by a group of specialists, amongst the people working at NASA, BAE Systems, Boeing, Honeywell Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Company, Rockwell Collins.

Training Modules
Both for CIT and CIS this training consists of one single optional module and a written exam.

Topics dealt with:

  • The relationship between the regular J-STD-001 and the Space Addendum module
  • Use of Lead-free tin
  • Lead-free control plan
  • Red Plague (Cuprous Oxide Corrosion)
  • Red Plague control plan
  • Shipping and Storage requirements for silver-coated copper wire and cable
  • Hardware defects and how to handle them
  • Responsibilities of user and manufacturer
  • Personnel proficiency
  • Vision requirements
  • requirements to be used in addition to, and in some cases, in place of, those published in IPC JSTD-001
  • Materials and tools
  • Specific criteria for Plated-through Hole applications
  • Specific criteria for SMD applications

Prerequisite requirements for the space module:

  • CIS candidates must be currently certified as an IPC J-STD-001 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS), Module 1 in the corresponding revision and on at least one of the IPC J-STD-001 Revision optional CIS modules.
  • CIT candidates must be currently certified as IPC J-STD-001 Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) in the corresponding revision.

Make an investment in continuous improvement and quality enhancement today — with the IPC J-STD-001GS, Space and Military Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum to the Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Training and Certification Program

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Training Calendar

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