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Knowing how to correctly produce electronic products for the various types of applications, ranging from consumer goods to highly sophisticated automotive, medical, or military equipment or electronics for use in aircraft’s and space, is of utmost importance.

Most components are soldered to printed circuit boards, or PCB’s. Thus an electronic assembly or PCBA is created. Nowadays this, in general, is done in automated production lines, but manual soldering is still common for certain applications.

IPC J-STD-001 deals with the requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies.
It focusses on the materials to be used, gives guidelines on the equipment and tools generally used in manual soldering processes. Furthermore, acceptance criteria for the soldered connections on through-hole components, SMD components as well as wires soldered to terminals can be found in the IPC J-STD-001.

The leitmotiv in this document is to rely on process control methods. The focus is on achieving a constant quality for all hardware produced and conformance with all requirements of contracts, drawings, and specifications. The IPC J-STD-001 specifies the tolerances for the assemblies produced for which this standard is specified in the procurement documentation. Nonconforming situations, both on a hardware as on a process level are identified and treated as a defect or process indicator, always related to the applicable product class or reliability level.

It is the document of choice for process engineers and all people involved in the control of production processes as well as quality departments. With it’s to the point information on materials, like solder, flux, adhesives, and coating it forms a good starting point for setting up the soldering processes within any electronic production plant. Cleaning and cleanliness issues form a part of the document as well.

In the training and certification programs for IPC J-STD-001, all issues in this document are covered in theory.
Furthermore, manual soldering operations are performed by the students on selected through-hole and SMD components as well as wires to terminals. These practical assignments form an integral part of the training program, both for trainer certifications (CIT) as for operator certifications (CIS). Also, the inspection based on the criteria of this document is part of the practical work involved in the certification programs.

IPC J-STD-001 certification could be interesting for process engineers, people involved in process control of soldering processes, designers and customers who specify this standard in their procurement documentation as well as all staff involved in the soldering processes at electronic production facilities, especially production and team leaders. However, operators might profit from it as well.
Obviously, PIEK caters for all who need certification in the IPC J-STD-001 programs.

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