Well-attended IPC day very successful

‘Interesting’, ‘learnt much today’, ‘gained new insights’, ‘fascinating speakers’. These are only a few comments from participants of the IPC – PIEK day.

Keynote speaker Bhanu Sood, Commodity Risk Manager Assessment Engineer of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center gave his audience an insight into the experiences of his NASA colleagues and himself regarding PCBs and error analyses in an interactive and captivating lecture.

The audience was enthralled. Says Rob Walls, PIEK’s Managing Director: ‘It is impressive to hear how many problems can be prevented in the future by doing proper error analyses’.

After the lecture Mr Bhanu Sood said that he had enjoyed the interaction with the public and the many questions he had got. IPC Europe’s Director Philippe Léonard called it a very successful IPC day, and he promised that there would be more IPC days in the future, organised in cooperation with PIEK and each featuring a first-rate keynote speaker.

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