Worldwide only three IPC training centres

Worldwide only three training centres have been authorised to provide all IPC training courses. PIEK is one of these, and it is the only one in Europe.

Obviously, PIEK is very proud of this. It is with good reason that PIEK’s instructors participate in the development of new IPC certifications and cooperate in updating existing IPC courses.

The reason that PIEK is one of the three full-service training centres in the world is that PIEK has always made the customer king. And for decades PIEK has teamed up with IPC. Top quality is the unique selling point that PIEK has been famous for in the electronic interconnect industry for over 50 years. Because PIEK is active worldwide within all sectors and sub-sectors of the industry, its instructors are able to link the various problems and issues they come across. The people participating in a course hugely benefit from this, as does their employer.

Not only is PIEK one of the three worldwide, we also have a full-service concept for our customers. Apart from the existing IPC courses we can also offer the PIEK courses that we have developed ourselves. These are based on the set IPC courses and provide more in-depth and wider material beyond these courses. Customisation is the standard at PIEK. And service goes even further. The test centre is another pearl in the crown, as is the audit service and the consultancy department.

These services together make PIEK the only training centre in Europe that provides the entire range of services needed in the electronic interconnect industry. They have made PIEK the preferred partner in lots of ways. And to top it all, PIEK also stands for reasonable and competitive pricing.

As a customer you already know PIEK, but you may not know all services yet. Why don’t you contact Ms Wendy Wings of our customer care department? She will be happy to tell you more. You can reach her on telephone number + 31 45 570 33 33. You can also go to our website for more information:

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