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During the production of electronic assemblies sometimes things go wrong. Components are not placed, or if they are, they are not in the proper location or direction. Maybe there is not enough solder in the connection to ensure a reliable function. Maybe a product fails because of defective components or damaged conductors. Even at the production stage of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) conductors, lands, contacts or the laminate can get damaged.
A product might have been sent to a customer and is returned to a repair department for repair because failures have occurred.
After a product has been produced modifications to the original design might be necessary in order for it to operate in the desired way.

In these cases many times the product will have to be reworked, repaired or modified. Guidelines on how to do this correctly can be found in the IPC-7711/7721 document. It shows operators and any other person who has to rework assemblies or repair assemblies or circuit boards in clear step-by-step descriptions and instructions how to perform the different tasks. Furthermore, it advises on the materials, equipment, and tools to be used.
The written descriptions are supported by pictures and illustrations showing the individual steps.
The terminology and definitions used to integrate it with other IPC documents used throughout the electronic producing industry.

Even though it focuses on soldered connections on components and shows the proper procedures for the removal and installation of the commonly used through-hole and SMD components used throughout the electronic assemblies, it also shows repair of wires using splicing techniques. Also, correct ways of preparing lands for replacement parts are shown.
As for PCB issues, various repair operations are explained in detail, varying from land repair and repair of conductors to the highly sophisticated operations involved in replacing plated through holes in multilayer boards or adding jumper wires to BGA pads.

Obviously, these techniques have to be trained and practiced. What better way than to learn all this in industry approved and recognized training courses leading to official IPC certificates. By attending the appropriate certification training sessions operators will gain the insight and workmanship necessary to perform their everyday tasks with more confidence and gain better results. Trainers will get prepared for their task in training the operators in their own company.

The latest version of the IPC-7711/7721 is the C-Revision which has been developed by a group of specialists from the electronics industry and published by IPC in January 2017. Of course, PIEK is fully prepared to train to the guidelines of this new Revision. And get your operators and trainers certified to the high levels of IPC certification and provide them with the appropriate Certified IPC Trainer and Certified IPC Specialist certificates.

Training Calendar

Upcoming Regional IPC-7711/7721 Courses

The dates listed on our website under the Training Calendar page have been put aside for those clients that have only a handful of employees or individuals that need to be enrolled in that particular IPC training course. See below for a small selection.

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09 April 2019IPC-7711/7721GermanBretten (Karlsruhe)Quote Request
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08 October 2019IPC-7711/7721GermanSingenQuote Request
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19 November 2019IPC-7711/7721GermanBretten (Karlsruhe)Quote Request
03 December 2019IPC-7711/7721GermanMichelstadtQuote Request
17 Dezember 2019IPC-7711/7721GermanBerlinQuote Request

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