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IPC authorized certification center PIEK is the leading international training and certification institute for the electronics industry. PIEK provides customized training programs worldwide for all those who have to deal with electronic modules and circuit boards: OEMs, production service providers for electronic components, subcontractors, rework and repair companies, PCB manufacturers & assembly operations, the automotive industry, armed forces, aviation businesses and many more. Secondly, PIEK offers consultancy and auditing services.

Use the training courses list to locate program description details for your desired training subject areas. Go to the course list page for more information
PIEK has been active in consulting for years when it comes to solving problems for its customers. But customers also turn to PIEK as a sparring partner for new developments on the PCB & PCBA market. Learn more about our consulting activities.
PIEK’s consultancy department regularly does audits commissioned by its international clientele. In an audit the following company processes are inspected: production, logistics, environment, health and safety, and management. Learn more about our audit activities.


  • Charlemagne Business Club visits PIEK

    Charlemagne Business Club visits PIEK

    On 14 April PIEK welcomed a delegation of Charlemagne business club. After a warm word of welcome by Ben Walls, PIEK’s Managing Director, the visitors got a short tour of the facilities, where they were impressed […]

  • Spring Action Golden Jubilee Year

    Spring Action Golden Jubilee Year

    Spring is in the air and 2015 is the year in which PIEK is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

    Fifty years of PIEK, that is what we owe to you, our loyal customers. Like no […]



    IPC Hand Soldering Competition
    Hall 7, Booth 500

    This contest recognizes the best skills in hand soldering complex printed board assemblies. Hand soldering of high density printed boards demands highly skilled operators to ensure a zero-defect soldering […]

Training Delivery Methods

On-Site Training at Your Facility or Open Enrollment Training

The dates listed on our website under the open enrollment courses and dates summary page have been put aside for those clients that have only a handful of employees or individuals that need to be trained in that particular course.

We only offer a few common courses as open enrollment training. See the open enrollment course and date summary page on our website for available courses, dates and locations. If you wish to book one or more open enrollment courses, for one or more of your staff members please complete the quote request form.

For group training for any staff that need to be trained and certified in any of the courses that PIEK offers, as per our complete course listing, let us know and we will provide you with the course outline and pricing for the course(s) that you choose. Our group rates allow up to 15 participants for theoretical courses and up to 10 participants for courses with practical training, at a great price. For more information about group training, visit our on-site at your facility page. For a customized, site-specific quotation please fill in the ‘quotation request on-site training’ form.

Selection of Upcoming Training Events

Start Date Training Course Location
02-06-2015 IPC-6012 Heerlen,
The Netherlands
15-06-2015 Advanced ESD Control for Operators / Technicians Heerlen,
The Netherlands
16-06-2015 IPC-A-610 Heerlen,
The Netherlands
19-06-2015 ESD Control for Operators / Technicians Heerlen,
The Netherlands
19-06-2015 ESD Control for Non-Manufacturing Personnel Heerlen,
The Netherlands
23-06-2015 ESD Control for ESD Coordinator / Auditor according to IEC-61340-5-1 & ESD S20.23 Heerlen,
The Netherlands
30-06-2015 IPC-A-600 Heerlen,
The Netherlands


‘It is more important than ever to have specialists available to do a better job, so we were excited about the opportunity to get PIEK’s services. The course was a very valuable learning experience and more than met its objective. We covered the skills needed for surface-mount component soldering, rework and inspection, and did a review of handling procedures and soldering basics. We learned what makes a solder joint acceptable according to IPC guidelines and practised methods for soldering and removing chip, J-leaded and gull-wing components.’
What makes PIEK unique as a training centre for the technical connections industry is that it is active in Europe and in the Middle East. PIEK has highly qualified instructors who know the ins and outs of all sectors of the technical connections industry.
Chris Barrett, PACE
Because PIEK has a state-of-the-art training centre, its course members are able to practise any aspects occurring in the electronics industry, repair and design. Theory alone does not cut it, but hands-on practice with the latest equipment does.
Thom van Veenendaal, Stature
PIEK has always stuck with its core business, the things they are really good at, which is IPC courses and consultancy. PIEK instructors are experts in their field, and every company in the business is keen to make use of them.
Steve Playdon, PACE Europe
Training at PIEK means working hard, which is actually very pleasant. You feel you are making strides straight away, because you can immediately apply the knowledge and experience gained at PIEK to your own work. After a course you can also turn to PIEK for further advice. Its consultancy department always knows a solution when you throw a question or problem at them.
John Thüss, Faber-Electronics

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Charlemagne Business Club visits PIEK

May 7th, 2015|

On 14 April PIEK welcomed a delegation of Charlemagne business club. […]

Spring Action Golden Jubilee Year

April 30th, 2015|

Spring is in the air and 2015 is the year […]


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IPC Hand Soldering Competition
Hall 7, Booth 500

This contest recognizes the […]

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